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ELEPRO 2.5K 5MP 2.4/ 5G WiFi Surveillance Camera, Indoor Camera with Color Night Vision, PTZ Auto Tracking Network Camera 2 Way Audio for Home Security/Pet/Elderly/Baby Monitor with Phone App


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Product Description

No.1 Best-Selling Indoor Home Camera in Japan

pet camera 5mppet camera 5mp

This camera is equipped with a 5 million pixel high-definition camera, capable of connecting to 5G/2.4G WIFI. It offers two-way audio and night vision with color mode, making it ideal for monitoring pets, children, and security surveillance.


The camera is intended for indoor use only.The camera is not compatible with Alexa.

Pet Camera Indoor Camera Baby Monitor

pet camera, indoor camera, home security camera, baby monitorpet camera, indoor camera, home security camera, baby monitor

With regards to storage, using a 128GB Micro SD card allows for recording of up to 20-25 days in HD high resolution (1920P: 2560X1920) or up to 70 days in SD standard resolution (360P: 480X360), with older recordings being automatically overwritten.


Note: Micro SD card is not included.Note: Not support cloud storage currently.

Multi-View Feature in the Srihome APP

pet camera, indoor camera, home camerapet camera, indoor camera, home camera

You can monitor up to 4 cameras simultaneously in real-time with the four-screen display.

You can manage multiple cameras on one device. Currently, there is no limit set, but there may be a limit set in the future. It’s good to consider up to 20 cameras as the maximum.


If you’re having trouble reading the small font in the instruction manual, you can scan the QR code on the manual to download an electronic PDF version.

pet camera indoor camerapet camera indoor camera


Please ensure to be aware of blind spots in the camera’s field of view, and install the camera appropriately based on the intended usage.

pet camera, indoor camera, home camerapet camera, indoor camera, home camera

What Is the Difference Between 5GHz Wi-Fi and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi?

2.4GHz and 5GHz are frequency bands used for wireless LAN communication.

2.4GHz can transmit over long distances, and its signal can spread over a wide range. However, because many wireless LAN devices use this frequency, it is prone to interference and signal congestion. Also, 2.4GHz can be affected by interference from other peripheral devices such as Bluetooth and microwave ovens, which can slow down the connection speed.

In contrast, 5GHz provides high-speed communication with less interference, making it less prone to signal congestion. However, 5GHz has a shorter communication range compared to 2.4GHz, and its signal can be weakened by walls or obstacles, resulting in lower transmission speeds.

If the 5GHz signal is weak in a certain area, it is recommended to switch to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Please note this.

Pet Camera Indoor Camera Baby MonitorPet Camera Indoor Camera Baby Monitor

[Important Notice] * Please Confirm and Understand Thoroughly Before Purchasing to Avoid Any Misunderstandings

This camera is operated by a power source and needs to be connected to a power outlet. The lens may become about 50 degree during use.It is only compatible with Android OS, iOS smartphones, or tablets and requires the installation of a free app. As it is a network camera, it is not recommended to be used without Wi-Fi. When the camera is connected to Wi-Fi, it can be remotely monitored through a smartphone.Can only use our app – Srihome. To use the app, registration and login are required. A valid email address must be used as the username during registration. This is necessary to receive an authentication code if you forget or want to change your password. The email address will only be used for registration purposes and no personal information will be sought by the app. For the network camera, failing to allow access to location information may prevent Wi-Fi display and connection. However, the information provided is only an approximate location (at the city or town level) and does not pose any privacy issues.The Srihome app is used to playback videos or view saved videos by removing the SD card and playing them on a computer. You can also download and save videos to your smartphone, but this function is only available for Android devices, as Apple devices do not support it. The video files cannot be deleted, but the SD card can be formatted. Please note that the app does not support double-speed playback.The automatic tracking function only rotates horizontally and not vertically. This monitoring camera is equipped with an advanced AI function that can detect suspicious movements, but it may also have false detections depending on the environment, such as strong winds or reflections from light changes or window glass. Therefore, proper placement and settings are necessary.When rotating the lens, the sound of the motor turning may be heard at a distance of about half a meter. If the camera is placed on a relatively thin wooden table, the sound may become louder due to resonance. There may be some delay in the pan-tilt operation due to the internet speed.This camera does not support cloud storage and a separate SD card would be required to save the videos. If set to continuous recording, videos will be recorded every 10 minutes. If you want to prioritize the detected videos, it is recommended to set up an alert recording that is easier to review.You can manually record while viewing in real-time, with the recorded video saved to the smartphone (Android devices can download, but Apple devices cannot). It is recommended to set up continuous recording or motion detection recording.This surveillance camera is compatible with the ONVIF standard and recording is also possible with NVR devices. However, no NVR device is included and the connection method is not specified in the instruction manual.It can be used by placing it on a stand or by fixing it to a base on the ceiling. The camera and base are fixed with clips and can be easily removed.In full-color night vision mode, the spotlight will light up (red infrared mode is recommended for children’s monitoring purposes as it can be dazzling when viewed directly), and in black and white light vision mode, non-dazzling infrared LEDs will light up. The camera is not recommended for use through glass as it may cause reflections in the lighting.This surveillance camera has a zoom function that allows you to pinch two fingers on the smartphone screen to zoom in. However, please note that this is digital zoom and not optical zoom. Therefore, the image quality may deteriorate as the screen becomes larger.When watching in real-time to display images quickly without being affected by the network, the default viewing quality is set to 360P. Although you can change to high-quality, it cannot be saved for real-time viewing.The camera will automatically switch between day and night modes according to the brightness of the environmental lighting. During this transition, a shutter sound may be heard, or the screen color may change. If the illumination changes frequently, the camera needs to switch between modes frequently, but this is normal operation.


Sensor 1/2.7-inch 5-megapixel progressive scan CMOS Lens parameters Focus distance: 4mm, 5MP, Starlight lens Field of view Horizontal: 80°, Vertical: 58°, Diagonal: 110° Recording standards HD mode (1920P: 2560×1920) / SD mode (360P: 480×360) Real-time viewing resolution 1920P, 1440P, 720P, 360P (default) Image frame rate 15fps~25fps Night vision Night vision IR up to 10 meters Pan & Tilt Pan: 355°, Tilt: 70° Tracking AI automatic motion tracking Motion detection distance 8-10 meters (may vary depending on the usage environment) Alarm notification Push alarm notifications to smartphones Wireless 2.4G (11 b n g) mixed & 5G 11a/n/ac mixed, support for WEP, WPA & WPA2 encryption App iOS/Android (SriHome APP) Recording mode Motion detection alarm recording, 7/24 continuous recording Playback MicroSD card recording playback, PC recording playback, NVR recording playback Product information N.W. 190g, product size: 7070115mm (LxWxH), input voltage: 5V (1A/1.5A/2A), DC port specification power cable: 1.5m (compatible with extension cables up to 3 meters, but using low-quality non-genuine cables may cause power supply issues).

**5 Million Pixels** – The latest 2023 upgraded version of our security camera boasts a high-quality 5 million-pixel 1920P (2560*1920 2.5K) lens, providing sharper images than 2MP/1080P, 3MP, and 4MP/2K pet cameras. It also features a digital wide dynamic range function for clear images even in challenging backlighting conditions. With a 355° horizontal pan and 75° vertical tilt, you can effortlessly monitor the entire room from your smartphone.
**Clear Night Vision** – Our home security camera excels in night vision, offering starlight-grade lenses and three light modes to provide color video at night. It achieves exceptional night vision up to 8 meters, ensuring clear footage of your baby or pet even in dark environments with automatic night vision.
**Two-Way Communication & 5G Wifi Supported** – Thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker, you can engage in two-way audio communication from anywhere via this pet camera indoor. Connect with your pet or family members no matter where you are. This camera supports dual-band Wi-Fi, operating on 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi for seamless remote monitoring and smoother video streaming. Motion detection videos can be stored on a MicroSD card (sold separately) for online playback and download.
**Motion Detection & Alert Function** – When human activity is detected and automatically tracked, you’ll receive real-time alerts through the app,If you have activated both the sound and light alerts, even at night, when human motion is detected, the camera will emit a sharp alarm sound and capture a color video, ensuring the security of your home.
**Remote Monitoring & Easy Sharing** – This wifi camera supports both Wi-Fi and AP connections, adapting to a wide range of security scenarios. You can monitor pets, elderly family members, children, home security, warehouses, and stores via your smartphone or tablets, receiving real-time alerts with AI person recognition and tracking recordings. The camera is easily shareable with family members, facilitating collaborative monitoring and enjoyable pet or baby watching.

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ELEPRO 2.5K 5MP 2.4/ 5G WiFi Surveillance Camera, Indoor Camera with Color Night Vision, PTZ Auto Tracking Network Camera 2 Way Audio for Home Security/Pet/Elderly/Baby Monitor with Phone App
ELEPRO 2.5K 5MP 2.4/ 5G WiFi Surveillance Camera, Indoor Camera with Color Night Vision, PTZ Auto Tracking Network Camera 2 Way Audio for Home Security/Pet/Elderly/Baby Monitor with Phone App


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