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Sequoia’s Jess Lee will demystify product-market fit at TechCrunch Early Stage 2024

Build something people want. It’s a simple concept — and one that Y Combinator loves to repeat — but one that can be hard to get right when building a startup.

How strongly a technology good or service resonates with potential customers is often called “product-market fit,” or PMF. The more product-market fit you have, the easier it will be to sell your startup’s products and, usually, the less frequently customers will churn.

PMF is therefore a critical startup theme, even if it is hard to define precisely. One definition that has always resonated with your humble servant is that product-market fit is when customers are ripping the product out of your hands. That doesn’t apply evenly to all startup products, but it’s a good rule of thumb.

Jess Lee is coming to TechCrunch Early Stage in Boston this year to help founders looking to reach, or refine, their current PMF guide their upstart tech companies in the right direction.

Early Stage is shaping up to be possibly our best-ever shindig for early-stage founders, with NFX’s James Currier, Underscore’s Lily Lyman, and of course Lee herself coming ’round to talk shop.

As with all Early Stage events, audience Q&A will be a critical component of every session, so bring your notebook, several pens, and I’ll see you on April 25! Grab your tickets now to save $200, before prices go up on March 29.

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