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These 74 robotics companies are hiring

It’s tough out there — and yet, doing my semi-regular jobs post always gives me hope. Seems every time I post one of these, the number increases. At 74 companies, this is undoubtedly the largest list we’ve made, by a wide margin. That means more work for me in putting this post together, but if it helps a few folks find some work, it was definitely worth it.

I love hearing stories from folks who got hired by clicking on a link in this post, so please drop me a note over on LinkedIn if that applies to you. As always, good luck. You got this.

1X Technologies (23 roles)
Advanced Construction Robotics (4 roles)
Aescape (5 roles)
Aethon (5 roles)
Agility Robotics (5 roles)
Allvision (2 roles)
Ambi Robotics (2 roles)
ANYbotics (25 roles)
Apptronik (16 roles)
Astrobotic (23 roles)
Atomic Machines (2 roles)
Aurora (40 careers)
Baubot (10 roles)
Bear Robotics (13 roles)
BHS Robotics (8 roles)
Bloomfield Robotics (5 roles)
Boxbot (3 roles)
Carnegie Robotics (1 role)
Cepheid (4 roles)
Chef Robotics (15 roles)
Civ Robotics (5 roles)
Collaborative Robotics (10 roles)
Covariant (20 roles)
Dexterity (42 roles)
Edge Case Research (1 role)
Ekumen (3 roles)
Enchanted Tools (50 roles)
Exotec (174 roles)
Eye-Bot (4 roles)
Forcen (4 roles)
Formant, Inc. (4 roles)
Formic (8 roles)
Formlogic (12 roles)
Four Growers (4 roles)
Foxglove (2 roles)
Fulfil Solutions (15 roles)
Gecko Robotics (18 roles)
GrayMatter Robotics (11 roles)
Hellbender (6 roles)
Johnson & Johnson Med Tech (1 role)
Keybotic (2 roles)
Matic Robots (10 roles)
Medra (3 roles)
Mine Vision Systems (2 roles)
Near Earth Autonomy (4 roles)
Neocis (15 roles)
Neubility (1 role)
Neuraville (8 roles)
Neya Systems (9 roles)
Nimble Robotics (8 roles)
Nuro (40 roles)
Onward Robotics (2 roles) (3 roles)
Polymath Robotics (2 roles)
Pudu Robotics (2 roles)
Pyka (10 roles)
Reliable Robotics (36 roles)
Roboto AI (1 role)
Robust AI (14 roles)
Sanctuary AI (14 roles)
Sakar Robotics (6 roles)
Scythe Robotics (11 roles)
Seegrid (10 roles)
Sphinx (5 roles)
Stack AV (40 roles)
Sunnybotics (2 roles)
The AI Institute (19 roles)
Titan Robotics (3 roles)
UnitX (8 roles)
Vecna Robotics (7 roles)
Vention (20 roles)
Viam (4 roles)
Volley Automation (10 roles)

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